Free Online Tutorial

In order to fully utilize the strengths of the platforms or systems, users should review all the demos in the online tutorial which will last only half an hour.

Trial Account

Trial account may be set up for those who have not used the 4P platforms or systems before, including corporate  data sharing platform, CRM SSAS platform, e-commerce system, school administration system or channel management system.

Whatsapp 、 Wechat 、 QQ 、 Skype Support

For fastest response, users can get feedback through online chat methods like wechat、 Skype or Whatsapp.

Zoom Webinar

Screens can be shared by zoom meeting demonstration but appointment is needed beforehand.

Email Support

Remote Control

It will be rare but is possible that we can remotely control your computer to do any modifications if the problem is related to configurations of your computer or browsers.                    

 On Site Demonstration

We would be glad to visit your office to give training or demonstrate to your team if it is really needed and we are in the same city.         

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